Sizzla Kalonji - Strive

from Fire Blaze Riddim by Various Artists

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Recorded In Jamaica , chorus recorded by Cless Shine at Ze’Stud, Paris, France.

Depuis le début de sa carrière discographique en 1994, Sizzla Kalonji est certainement l'artiste Jamaïquain le plus prolifique de sa génération avec près d'une centaine d'albums & compilations à son actif ainsi que des centaines de singles enregistrés pour quelques uns des plus grands labels de ces vingt-cinq dernières années !

Since the beginning of his recording career, started in 1994, Sizzla Kalonji has certainly been the most prolific Jamaican reggae artist of his generation with almost a hundred albums & compilations to his credit as well as hundreds of singles recorded for some of the greatest labels of the past twenty-five years.


Lyrics :


Oh fyah burn
Sizzla Kalonji burn
Ok ?
I come fi burn dem yes dis fyah keep on burn .

Tell yes we keep strive,
Ghetto youth tell dem we survive
Nuff ah dem no love it when di fyah nite
Tell dem seh we strive
Burn di fyah red and (swore no heights ...)
Tell dem rasta tell dem dem nah compromise tell dem seh
We haffi strive,
Babylon dem get a fyah light
Tell dem seh di (kush heights nah come fi I yow ...)
Ghetto youth tell dem make we rise .

Verse 1

See dem system dem design is just to captivate
Ghetto youths the Lion comes fi elevate
And hypocrits (.. ?? ) wah dem a celebrate ?
Tell dem (kush heights ??) and fyah blaze
Can't stop di powah so mi tell dem seh di covenant ah ...
Babylon mi tell dem seh di seed Rasta ah sow
Wicked dem no clean that's why dem gettin ova ...
Rastaman a burn dem down low .

So mi tell yow seh fi strive
Ghetto youth just keep survive
Burn di wicked dem uppa live ...
Tell dem seh fi strive
Ghetto youth tell dem analyse
Dem no love when ghetto youths dem ah survive
Tell yow mi seh strive
Ghetto youth tell dem we survive
Nuff nuh love it when we analyse
Ghetto youth mi seh strive,
Burning fyah with the light .

Verse 2

Well it no make no sense to try to captivate the ghetto youths dem
Sizzla Kalonji yes we come yah so fi come salute dem
Look how di black woman dem look so natural and cute dem
Nah prostitute nah badda use dem well again
Meditation we yall ah hold
Ghetto youth no badda sell you soul
Di half has never been told
Politicians cyaan never get my vote .

So i tell dem mi seh strive,
Ghetto youths come and survive
Babylon the fyah and the light
Tell dem we seh strive,
Burnin fyah with the light,
Burnin fyah with the light
Tell yow we seh strive,
Rastaman tell look fi analyse
Swore the sacraments tell dem be wise
Tell dem we seh strive
Ghetto youths open up your eyes .

Verse 3

Well dem judgement (creeping up ...)
Babylon ah weh dem seeking about
See it yah now ah Rastaman run the route
Emperor Selassie I di lion heart ah shout
Go tell dem seh di fyah keep on blaze
Most High we keep on praise
Hey ghetto youths ah no di time fi gaze
Rastafari Him a get the praise .

So mi tell dem hey fi strive
Ghetto youths you fi analyse
Swore the sacraments and just be wise
Tell yow mi seh strive,
None ah dem cyaan stop I & I
Hear di youth ah cry
Mi ah tell dem ah strive
Burnin fyah red (mi come fi light ...)
Nuff a dem just good fi criticize
Tell dem mi seh strive,
Early inna di morning when you rise
Marijuana herbs ...
Judgement (it starts to creep on the beast ...)

Written by Miguel Orlando Collins aka Sizzla Kalonji .


from Fire Blaze Riddim, track released February 21, 2020
• Production : Reggae-Unite Records .
- Co-producteur : Sound Guyz .

• Riddim : Sound Guyz & Di Version Band :

= Guillaume "Sound Guyz" Décure : Compositeur, clavier, arrangement.
= Romain Bellanger : Batterie , trombone et mastering.
= Christophe Coiffier : Basse.
= Pierre Richer : Guitare.
= Jean-Charles Levaillant : Trompette .
= Guillaume Lemoine : Saxophone .

= Cless Shine : Backing Vocal.

• Artwork : OJ VIzion

© all rights reserved Reggae Unite Records


all rights reserved



Reggae-Unite Records Le Havre, France

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